Making Church Friends

Recently I got that dreaded phone call that every church leader hates. “Hi Pastor. I am sorry, but I am leaving the church. I just haven’t been able to connect with people on a deeper level.” Ugh, my heart grieves yet again! Why is it so many people struggle with making genuine friendships in church? I have been in church leadership for 20 years, and honestly, one of the most common complaints people have, especially among women, is ,“It is hard to make friends.” My colleagues say this grievance is found in most churches across our country. It is even found amongst pastor’s wives and other church leaders. Continue reading Making Church Friends

Feeling Burned Out?

One of the greatest threats to healthy churches, nonprofits and organizations is volunteer burnout. As a pastor, I get the pleasure of working with volunteers all the time.  In fact, our church couldn’t survive without the support of these faithful people. But to be honest, volunteer burnout is very real at our church, which isContinue reading Feeling Burned Out?

Wounded by the Church?

I was exhausted and worn out from a long day, and my bed was calling my name when my youngest child started to throw a huge temper tantrum.  His screams were piercing, and my head was pounding. After he went on and on for what seemed like an eternity, I finally had enough! My patienceContinue reading Wounded by the Church?

When it’s time to part ways

Conflict is something that happens in ministry, but it is not something most leaders feel comfortable talking about, let alone dealing with.  Let’s face it. If you have been in church leadership for any length of time, then it is likely you have dealt with your share of conflict. Maybe someone misjudged you, betrayed you,Continue reading When it’s time to part ways

Four Steps to Overcome Fear

Sometimes looking back makes us remember what matters most.  For this reason, I recently made myself slow down, meditate and really evaluate my goals and accomplishments of the past year.   This helped me gain a fresh perspective before I rushed into the New Year with a new resolve. During my time of reflection, I noticedContinue reading Four Steps to Overcome Fear