The Quarantined Church

As pastors, one of the hardest decisions our team ever had to make in 20 years of ministry was canceling our “normal” Sunday morning service during this COVID-19 virus.  On one hand, my faith told me “God will protect us. Do not forsake meeting together.” On the other hand, wisdom told me to “honor ourContinue reading The Quarantined Church

Your Year of Fulfillment

Can you believe that it is almost the year 2020? One of the practices I do at the end of every year, usually starting mid-October is to seek God about the upcoming year.  Part of my preparation for the New Years is to take time to evaluate my previous goals and accomplishments, which includes makingContinue reading Your Year of Fulfillment

Making Church Friends

Recently I got that dreaded phone call that every church leader hates. “Hi Pastor. I am sorry, but I am leaving the church. I just haven’t been able to connect with people on a deeper level.” Ugh, my heart grieves yet again! Why is it so many people struggle with making genuine friendships in church? I have been in church leadership for 20 years, and honestly, one of the most common complaints people have, especially among women, is ,“It is hard to make friends.” My colleagues say this grievance is found in most churches across our country. It is even found amongst pastor’s wives and other church leaders. Continue reading Making Church Friends