Easter Monday encouragement

Maybe Easter wasn’t what you had hoped it would be. Missing your family traditions, parties, and packed out Easter Services. Maybe you feel a little like the disciples on the first Easter; scared, confused, and hiding behind locked doors. 
The hope of Easter Monday is Jesus is alive. Friends, let me remind you this is NOT your new normal, this is only a season. 
After the resurrection the disciples were commanded to wait for a season before leaving Jerusalem. The disciples were waiting for their promise. And eventually the promise of the Holy Spirit came! 
Maybe you are in a season of waiting. If so, let Jesus breathe on you again. Allow him to refine you. Then, when the wind of the Holy Spirit comes, you will be ready! 
Don’t leave the quarantine season the same way you came in…leave empowered by the Spirit, with new perspective. You can be ready to turn your world upside down for Jesus! Determine your quarantine for change.
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4 thoughts on “Easter Monday encouragement

  1. The loss of being together is difficult. I am glad that everyone can connect through face time, zoom or other programs. Loosing a loved one is kind of the same way except you don’t get to see them again even on a digital screen. One day we will see everyone again. If you have asked Jesus as your savior, you will see all of your family and friends that have too. And also, thank you Joy for sending me a post card at Easter. It met so much!!!!!

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